Investing in the US Property Market for Australians. We help Australian and International investors purchase, rent and manage US properties. Our network of professionals will source properties with better than expected rental return and the possibility of phenomenal future growth.


  1. Select a property from this website that you think may be appropriate for you to invest in
  2. Meet with an USA Property Investors consultant, who will assess your personal situation and advise you on investing in the US and what is needed
  3. Assess the finance that you will need based on your current level of equity and other lending criteria
  4. Contract on the property and apply for finance, including funds needed for rehabilitation of property
  5. Contact and engage a US accountant for tax matters (arranged by USA Property Investors)
  6. Contact and engage a US Solicitor for settlement (arranged by USA Property Investors)
  7. Settle on your property
  8. Get insurance (arranged through USA Property Investors)
  9. Get rehabilitation work done (arranged through USA Property Investors)
  10. Get a tenant with lease through US property agent (arranged through USA Property Investors)
  11. Continue ongoing property management through US property agent (arranged through USA Property Investors)

Congratulations – you are now making money from your positively geared US property. And all the work was done or facilitated for you by USA Property Investors, who took no buyers advocacy or other fee direct from you!
If you would like to get started, simply send us an email using the form below and we will arrange an appointment with you. US Property Research
Locating Suitable Properties in USA
Due diligence is completed on your properties before they are even offered to you for investment purposes.
Our process starts with selecting property in states and large cities in the USA that are economically improving, and are understood to have good prospects of strong growth in the medium-term.

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