Company Details

Official Website:
Country of origin: USA
Cost (RRP): Approx US$35
Guarantee: 3 months
Available since: 1987

Product Information

Lifespan: Claims will last up to 10 years
Composition: Gum Rubber (Latex)
Colour: Brown
Stem: Hollow tube
Measuring Lines: No


Sizes: A & B (A = After childbirth, B = Before childbirth)
Dimensions:Size B = 4.5cm wide, 5.4cm long and 2.5cm stem, Size A - Keeper - 4.6cm wide, 5.4cm long (7.9cm including stem) ?
Capacity:Size B = (approx) 12mls to under airholes, 20mls to level with rim

Other Details

May not be Vegan (due to Casein, derived from milk, being used in the manufacture of Latex). Not suitable for use by those allergic to latex.

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