Ladycup & Lady Cup Colours

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Country of origin: Czech Republic
Cost (RRP): $24.99 Euros
Guarantee: Exchange for wrong size, 2 year on materials.
Available since: January 2008

Product Information

Lifespan: Claims will last up to 15 years
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Colours: Clear and translucent colours - Pink, Lilac, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange
Stem: Hollow tube
Measuring Lines: No


Sizes: S & L (S = Women under 25/not given birth, L = Women over 25/have given birth)
Dimensions: S= “Small” - 4cm wide, 4.6cm long, 1.9cm stem. L=Large - 4.6cm wide, 5.3cm long, 1.3cm stem.
Capacity: S = 15.5ml, L = 26ml

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