Company Details

Official Website: http://www.miacup.co.za
Country of origin: South Africa
Cost (RRP): $R394.95 South African Rand (approx $37.69 USD).
Guarantee: 6 month replacement policy
Available since: May 2008

Product Information

Lifespan: Company quotes as "several years"
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Colour: Opaque Magenta
Shape: A medium sized rim with a narrower body
Stem: Flat (solid) tab with four raised lines as grips
Holes: Four small holes, placed through the rim, going straight through
Measuring Lines: None


Sizes: Size 1 - Women under 30 years old who have not given birth vaginally. Size 2 - Women over 30 years old women who have had a vaginal delivery.
Dimensions: Size 1 - 43mm wide, 53mm long (70mm with stem), size 2 - 46mm wide, 53mm long (70mm with stem)
Capacity: Size 1 - 25mls, Size 2 - 30mls (to brim)

Other Details

Donates money from each sale to a local charity.

In early 2009, Miacup changed their packaging.

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