Mooncup (uk)

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Country of origin: United Kingdom
Cost (RRP): GBP$19.99
Guarantee: None
Available since: 2000

Product Information

Lifespan: Unknown
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Colour: Clear with a yellow tinge (this yellow tinge is reported to be removed by soaking the cup in hydrogen peroxide solution)
Shape: A wider, pronounced rim with a narrower body
Stem: Hollow tube with two raised lines as grips
Holes: Six small holes, placed under the rim, going straight through
Measuring Lines: (inside), Size B marks 6mls and 12mls. Size A marks 7.5mls and 15mls.


Sizes: B & A (B = Before childbirth, A = After childbirth)
Dimensions: B = 50mm length and 43mm width. A = 50mm length and 46mm width. Both have a 20mm long stem.
Capacity: Size B = 13mls (to under airholes). Size A = 15mls (to airholes)

Other Details

Registered with the Vegan Society (Vegan approved). Not to be confused with the newer product called the "Moon Cup" which was brought out by the Keeper.

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